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Digital Painting Decisions

August 3, 2016

Digital Painting of my photographs is something I find to be quite a challenge but very enjoyable. Making a rendering of people is definitely the hardest for me for many reasons so I tend to stick to what I love taking photos of the most… flowers and nature.

When I start a painting I often have to make decisions right away about what style I want because I have to choose which brushes I will use. In other words, how far do I want to go with the abstraction of shapes and colors? Do I want it to be more realistic or do I want to push the boundaries and add different colors? In my own style I think I am somewhere in the middle between realism and abstraction, and because I am still trying to find my ‘go to’ brushes I really have a long ways I can go in pushing the limits of my digital paintings. I feel that way with acrylic painting as well, but there I definitely know that I want more abstraction. Clicking on a picture will bring up the gallery if you want to see the differences more clearly.

These sunflowers were also created by playing with brushstrokes and asking ‘what if I do this?’ The thing is, for me at least, I find it more enjoyable to play and experiment and not get bogged down in trying to make it ‘my’ style. Mark making is just fun! So why not try lots of them. Even though I usually prefer to keep the colors more the way they are in nature and love to blend colors and brushstrokes, I found that with the last two I really wanted the marks and shapes to be what stood out and not just the color. Although I do think the grey, green and yellow together are very pleasing.

So yes, there is a lot that goes into even a digital painting from a photograph. I use Corel Painter15 and am waiting for the latest version to come out very soon so that I can get last years upgrade as well. Until then I’ll keep taking pictures and having fun at giving some of them a very painterly look.

These images and more are available HERE


An Artistic Sense of Urgency.

July 25, 2016

Yellow Star Zinnia

This year is going by so fast! Nothing like getting near to the end of a month to make me think about how productive or unproductive I’ve been. (sigh!) Well, while there is still light, and into the dark of night, I still have plenty of time to work on a project, painting, taking or editing photos. When we work for an employer it is always good to have a sense of urgency to get things done. We want to show others that we will work hard for what they are paying us. I guess I think of it as a way of saying thank you to them for having given me a job and a way to have money to pay the bills.

But with my artwork my tendency is to be rather lazy in creating. This is probably true because there are not always immediate external rewards for what I’ve created. Yes, I need to create for myself but who would deny that they don’t feel some joy when you post your work on social media and people express some form of appreciation for their efforts. Yet… although I absolutely love seeing the images on the back of my camera or on my easel I know I do desire to have the reward of having my work hanging on someones wall.

The picture above is of a zinnia. I took this last night at almost 8 pm. The sun was gone and there I was taking pictures… as if maybe tomorrow I wouldn’t have that chance again.  And this is because I’ve learned to stop and take the picture when I see it, as next year those same plants will most likely will not be there.

Last week I told you about one artist that had inspired me with her online tutorial this past Spring, and today I would like to tell you about another, Danielle Donaldson and her tutorials offered through Jeanne Oliver’s website. If you click on her center picture that says ‘online creative network’ you will be taken to where Jeanne offers many different classes from different artists.
Danielle’s classes combine watercolor with fun illustrations and are geared toward the beginner and even the more advanced. I am also enjoying her book Creative Girl. I like making little characters so it fits right with what I need for inspiration in my sketchbook. You can find Danielle Donaldson here.

With that… I am off to create something!


Connecting Islands

July 18, 2016

A Passionate Bee

Hello everyone! I’m back after another very long hiatus! I’ve been through quite a bit in the last couple years, but thankfully, nothing life threatening. Life just has lots of twists and turns and one has to deal with it as it comes. But we go to sleep and wake up and we do the best we can. Thankfully I have the Lord that guides me and carries me through the really difficult times. I am very thankful for His presence in my life. In that time I lived in 4 different places, had most of my belongings in storage, worked 3 different jobs and hadn’t been able to do a lot of creating. And this became especially true as I became a grandmother and was blessed with 2 granddaughters who are now 7 and 4 1/2 months old. What a joy that has been!  During all this time I have managed to keep photographing but have yet to print or show my photos. I think it’s my painting and drawing that has suffered the most. In fact I finally put them in a gallery and didn’t sell a single one. But I don’t worry. I know we all go through seasons. I believe in embracing change and hanging on until conditions are in my favor. Yep, I’m an optimist. Have to be. I have no desire to be sad or depressed.

I’ve also gone through a lot of soul searching with my art during this time of waiting. The ‘what am I supposed to be doing’ and ‘am I doing the right thing’ kind of stuff. I think those thoughts creep in the most because I don’t have room to work or don’t complete anything new or sell anything. But I just have to keep saying, “ok, what is next”? That way, when I have room will I be ready.

I also had completely ignored my blog because I just didn’t know what I wanted to say. Part of that searching meant I had to listen to thoughts that said I wasn’t an expert in anything so why bother trying to write a blog. But I figured that when my mind was ready to write again I would find a way to bring my thoughts back here.

Strangely, it seemed that having a website and taking my blog over to it seemed to bring my blogging to a halt as well and then all I was doing was paying too much just to have a place to share my links. So this week I redid my website to a free one, for now, until I decide if I want to connect my domain and I brought my blog back to it’s original location where I seemed to connect with people more. I guess I felt like I was marooned on my own website. I’m learning that I need to create my art life in a way I am comfortable with, and not because someone says that to be an artist you have to do it a certain way. I’m not too crazy about fitting into someone’s little box. So here is that new website. Let me know what you think.

Today, and in my next post, I want to share a couple of artist’s websites with you. These are  where I have done some online courses this past Spring. It’s part of my ‘staying upbeat’ strategy because their classes are very affordable and I simply don’t have money to waste.So the first workshop I did was one I was wanting to do for some time as I’m a big fan of her illustrations.

I did her Character Sketch Workshop and still hope to do Layers of Color. The other two are geared toward children.

It feels nice to be writing again. I’m glad to be back and hope to start making this a habit. Not because someone says I should post on certain days or a certain number of days to get noticed but just because, well, I want to share things with you and not stay on my own little island but be connected to others.


What’s Your “about me” Say!

August 10, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely love what I’m doing! And I want to do so much more. I am just putting one foot in front of the other. Simple little things can be big steps, and it can take time to see results.

One thing I did recently was to update my page.

And then today I worked on my Bio at 500px 

But then I wasn’t sure if I’d written a Bio or an Artist’s Statement. It made me want to look and make sure that I wasn’t confusing the two. So I did a little search and found a couple good articles     In it he gives quick points on the basics.

Here is another that was even shorter but really helped at  artbizblog

So after reading it I was thinking that what I wrote was more of an artist’s statement  and would need to go back and add new headings and add and define my Biography.  I’m happy with the latest version. My Bio is definitely short, especially since I’ve never put more work out to win awards or had any One Woman Shows. Everything takes time and hopefully those will happen soon.

So why is it important to have these things?

As an artist it’s important for art shows and for our art businesses it’s a necessity so that potential buyers can connect with the artist, blah, blah, blah! I would take this even one step further in that the world that most of us live in, where we share our pictures and paintings and blogs and web pages,  is a rather sterile place. I know for myself, I almost immediately am looking at profiles and “about me’s” to see who this person really is. I want to know where they live, are they real, do they have pink hair and wear cool jewelry, and I want to see how I relate to them. I especially love knowing if someone lives in my corner of the world, because there are a lot of creative people in the Pacific Northwest and maybe someday I’ll get to meet some of them.

A lot of times I find those little “about me’s” are empty. I want to know more! Did you take that bug picture in France or South Africa? Are you just now talking about Lilacs blooming in June because you live in Canada! I love to know the little things about people. Even online I guess I’m a good listener. ;-D  Sometimes I want my world to be very private and other times I say “oh heck with it, be transparent!” I guess today’s one of those days. We are pretty amazing people and I hope I have encouraged someone today to fill out that little form about yourself. ‘Cause I know people are crazy and interesting and we want to know a little about you.

Growing in Knowledge and Understanding


A yard of Lupine

March 19, 2013

A Yard of Lupine

I’ve been a little busy for the past month learning to paint again. A different kind this time as I have always wanted to make digital paintings from my photographs. I purchased a Wacom Intuos 5 and Painter 12 and am really loving it!

This is from a photo I took about 3 years ago when I had a yard full of Lupine. I know I will now be searching out different scenarios for my picture taking because I love putting lots of color into my paintings. Hope you enjoy!


Today I Shall Encourage!

June 11, 2012

Yesterday I sent this picture to my daughter in hopes that it would cheer her up. It’s finals week for her, she’s living on her own, working full-time, and her car broke down.

Earlier in the day I was with a friend who said that when she went through an extremely difficult time in her life that her Christian friends were nowhere to be found. That made me very sad.

So that evening, after I left my daughter, I realized that I want to be a better encourager. I usually have no idea what to say when people are going through things…but I want to give it my best try.

We all have so many things that we are going through, and if it’s not hitting us personally it’s very likely that someone very close to us is struggling.

I hope today that you will be encouraged to find some little way to try and speak words of hope and peace to another. Take the chance and just speak a word of encouragement…that could be a life changing thing for someone. I’m pretty sure you’ll be encouraged as you seek to lift others up. Today is a perfect day to focus on others and may you be blessed when you do.


Being organized = Freedom to create

May 30, 2012

I have a new lens and I am enjoying the fulfillment of a dream to shoot macro. Sometimes it takes just one little thing to help us get to where we want to be in our creative lives. What is that one little thing for you?

Lots of firsts happening in my life right now. Today is my first day teaching a painting class (@ Michaels for Grumbacher), my first blog post from a phone (well at least the first draft), and my first share of a picture with my new Canon 100mm macro lens. I am really loving it and am spending all my time taking pictures and learning to organize and edit them.

I am editing with the new Lightroom 4 and will be using Photoshop more as soon as I get a good handle on LR4. The program is a dream to use in viewing the uploaded photos. Definitely worth getting.

Now, hopefully, I’ll be so organized (and content with my artistic direction) that I will become better @ sharing with you.

So I am off to get ready for the big day. The demo is done for my class and I’m super excited to begin teaching. Of course I procrastinated until last night to do the demo but I hope to get better with that and have things ready in advance. I believe that is the key to eventually being able to give my own workshops. I know I feel better when I am organized and feel more ready to create art, and this applies to whether it’s knowing where all my camera gear is or having my art supplies all lined up and ready.

I would love to hear your thoughts about being artistically organized. Do work better in messiness or are you frozen until everything is in order? Has something that keeps you organized made a big difference for you in being able to create freely, or is that something still waiting to be purchased? Perhaps for you it’s been putting off being organized in your studio, and maybe you just need to make that commitment to get organized this weekend.

What will get you to that place where you feel free to create?