Being organized = Freedom to create

May 30, 2012

I have a new lens and I am enjoying the fulfillment of a dream to shoot macro. Sometimes it takes just one little thing to help us get to where we want to be in our creative lives. What is that one little thing for you?

Lots of firsts happening in my life right now. Today is my first day teaching a painting class (@ Michaels for Grumbacher), my first blog post from a phone (well at least the first draft), and my first share of a picture with my new Canon 100mm macro lens. I am really loving it and am spending all my time taking pictures and learning to organize and edit them.

I am editing with the new Lightroom 4 and will be using Photoshop more as soon as I get a good handle on LR4. The program is a dream to use in viewing the uploaded photos. Definitely worth getting.

Now, hopefully, I’ll be so organized (and content with my artistic direction) that I will become better @ sharing with you.

So I am off to get ready for the big day. The demo is done for my class and I’m super excited to begin teaching. Of course I procrastinated until last night to do the demo but I hope to get better with that and have things ready in advance. I believe that is the key to eventually being able to give my own workshops. I know I feel better when I am organized and feel more ready to create art, and this applies to whether it’s knowing where all my camera gear is or having my art supplies all lined up and ready.

I would love to hear your thoughts about being artistically organized. Do work better in messiness or are you frozen until everything is in order? Has something that keeps you organized made a big difference for you in being able to create freely, or is that something still waiting to be purchased? Perhaps for you it’s been putting off being organized in your studio, and maybe you just need to make that commitment to get organized this weekend.

What will get you to that place where you feel free to create?



  1. I hope your class went well. sadly I’m a disorganized mess creatively. I know organization would help, but the pull to procrastinate is stronger than my desire to streamline.

    • It went really well. Thanks Hannah!
      I do really well to get physically organized but then procrastination pulls me back…as well as all those things (like Facebook) that are so distracting. I want to make good choices so that my head is clear to create. I also tell myself that I ‘can’ do it and make a plan to do something before I talk myself out of it or get distracted. I think as artist’s the need to be self-disciplined is the big issue we have to work on, so here’s hoping for a great day for us tomorrow to get a lot done!

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