Needing a Nudge Today

February 25, 2012

I certainly do. Need those nudges that is. I was just playing around with Photoshop tonight. Last month I tried out Photoshop Elements 10 and today I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS5. I wanted to compare them to see which I wanted to buy and had pretty much decided that I would go with CS5. I just knew I could do more with it. But I’m giving myself time to relearn PS as it has been some 12 years since I first learned it.

What I found I was missing from Elements was how easy it is to go in and adjust the color, contrast, saturation, etc. But because I need to be taking photos in RAW I really do need to be either using Lightroom or the RAW function of PS. Apparently it also comes with Bridge. So I need to play with all of those so I can make the best decision. I’m just like that I guess.

So tonight I just played. I began a Kim Klassen tutorial on brushes from Beyond Layers and fearlessly began to play. I took a simple image and found a free brush from Brushking.eu and then added my own text.

I came up with the little saying because the image made me think of how Spring is right around the corner waiting to nudge Winter out. I’m ready! But for me it’s more than just the weather. Rather it’s about my art coming to a place where it emerges in renewal. Tonight was about learning and playing and not criticizing the image that emerged. Subconsciously, nudging was exactly what is going on inside of me. Nudging me to where I need to be artistically. And I can feel that change….right around the corner. Doesn’t an Artistic Spring sound inviting!


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