Finding Inspiration

February 19, 2012

I made these aprons for my son and two daughters at Christmas. The plan was to make a full apron but this is what I went with. I am a big procrastinator and I also had to wait until there was money to buy the apron (since I hadn’t pulled out the sewing machine early enough).
I had bought some ‘fabric’ pens but quickly found out that they bled too much and so I used them very fast and sparingly for the colors. I used my Pitt pens for the blacks and some grey shading, and they worked much better. Then I heat set them with an iron. This past week I received a new purchase of a set of 23 Pitt markers, so I’m looking forward to playing on fabric with them.

I posted these in hopes of inspiring others to try this out. Wal-Mart has some really nice full aprons right now for about $7, but aprons are also very easy to sew up and a good starter project if you want to learn to sew.

In the past year I have had so much fun discovering ways to make creative marks. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find either inspiration or something to get me started. The Batman and rose on the aprons came from a search for images, mainly because I was short on time and needed help. Everything else is either from notes or searches on doodles and Zentangles. Keeping a sketchbook definitely helps for finding ideas and inspiration when I need it.

Flickr is another place that has been a wealth of inspiration, and from there I’ve found blogs and new friends with even more inspiration. Find me on Flickr and have a look at my ‘favorites’ and see what I admire. I read last year how Flickr seems to have dropped the ball to where they could’ve taken it’s site, but I now have artistic contacts from all over the world and my own area. Just last night I was searching and found a local photography club on there that I can get involved with. Hope you find great things there too.



  1. I love your creativity on the aprons you made!! They are adorable!! Great job!! I am also taking the Beyond Layers class with you and just lovin it!!

    • Awesome! I will keep an eye out for you. Love your blog! And your grandson is adorable! Great captures of his gorgeous blue eyes!

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