Making my art fun

April 30, 2011

Everything seems so hard until we try it. For me lately it’s been understanding Twitter. Perhaps that’s why I like researching, and why I do so many different things, whether it’s in sports or the arts. Perhaps I don’t like to not understand something as well, so I seek to master that thing. Or maybe it’s just my incessant curiosity. Well, not sure how philosophical I can get on the craziness of my brain, but I just know that certain things are a struggle. We don’t understand them so we tend to avoid them. I made the Twitter account and then avoided it. But yesterday I finally learned a few things because I took the time to read and ask questions. So yesterday I ended up visiting my blog I had created here on WordPress and was still very lost. I don’t understand the buttons on the side, or how to add pictures, and would really like some tutoring but can’t afford anything. But then this morning as these words began to swim in my head I wondered, “what about YouTube?” That place where all of you amazing people have put tutorials on how to do just about anything? So I have found this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEWPnHY8D3E And for all of you who have wanted to start blogging on WordPress as well, you might want to go through the tutorial and not struggle along as I had been doing. But for now, this will have to be put on the back burner because I have a lot to do before my online photography class starts at 10 AM with Creative Live.
Now since January I have been in a Flickr group called The Sketchbook Challenge. January’s challenge was Highly Prized, February was Opposites, March was Spilling Over, and April’s challenge was Branching Out. So today, being the last day of that month, I woke up realizing that I still had not posted anything. And then it hit me. I’ve been spending months trying to figure out where my artistic focus should be, and part of the problem is that I have too many branches. This week I have been out in the garage taking pictures of things to sell and give away, trying to pare down, or whittle down you might say, my areas of interest. It is the hardest things to get rid of an artistic endeavor. I seriously tried to put my mosaic stuff on Craigslist but the pictures wouldn’t load. So I resolved to give it a go today. And since I am in day 2 of 3 of this online class with CL, I will set my laptop next to the table and work. But I have to just dig in and do it. This means not doing my original posting idea for this month’s challenge but putting on what actually was in my sketchbook. I still have the idea in my head pacing around like a diver waiting to jump off the board, and I can’t wait to get into the water with it.
So this month’s Challenge post (although mind you I can post up to 3 pics a day on the group page) is a takeoff from what I did last month of exploring Zentangles. Only this time I added color. One of the hardest parts of being an artist is squashing that fear voice that comes as you attempt to do something….”what if….what if I ruin it?” You just have to say “it’s just paper”, or canvas, or clay or whatever you are working with. I fight this practical voice everyday that says I shouldn’t waste things. And that I’m not good enough so if I do this I’m wasting paper. Like, “you’re wasting food and children are starving in Africa.” That voice from my childhood that made me afraid to waste anything. I don’t remember hearing the voice much that says “just have fun!” I like that voice and I think I will write it in big letters everywhere I create art. We are a very wasteful society. And hey, I compost and recycle which not many do. But there has come a place in my art where I must break through and silence all the voices and just create.
This has been my ‘big’ struggle for the past few months in trying to be self-supporting with my art. But I’m facing my fears and taking it one day at a time. And then this imaginary burden I’ve created in my mind, (add dramatic theater voice here) which becomes a huge pile of waste that keeps filling my studio, threatening to overtake my creative soul (ahhh!!!….sorry, yes I can see the whole animated movie in my mind) will just shrink and run away. So music, paper and pencil at hand, I determine to have some fun with my art. At some point I know it will all get little easier. And definitely fun!


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  1. I hope you are still growing in your art and enjoying writing about your creative thoughts. I enjoyed reading your blog today.

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